Dear members, 

Now on 17.02.2015 year EternalGaming World Team Members are restart for many reasons that will now mention.

If you wanna join EGWT Team you need write one requestion -

First members of each Member who write in forum will be EG(his country abbreviation) Leader and in EGWT Team is Co-Leader. Next members in EG(his country abbreviation) will be accepted when they write request too but in rank who he say.

EG(his country abbreviation) example is EGBG = Bulgaria and EGUS = United States

If we see any Co-Leader who troll he will be 
driven by a ban from team.
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Hello there,

yes host is againg online TS3 server, BG radio and EN radio are ON AIR.

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Dear users,

Place where we host TS3 and radios servers have problem. Admins from there say this:

"As many of you are aware recently today we have been struck with an amount of downtime, we are still

working on the issue and will update you in the meantime. This meant that all container's on effected Node's

were stopped.

... Read more »

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Our Team Speak 3 Server is ON 24/7.
Wnat join him IP - 

You want your own room in our server only join it and wirite to Server Owner - TheDjRider :)
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Join requisition, are now aveable !!!
Go and check, if want write. 

Maybe you have luck and we choose YOU !! 

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